Entering the world of gourmet with tvN’s variety show <Lined Up Restaurants>. A chance to see famous restaurants with long wait lists and cool stores! Experience a world of gourmet that combines and expands with various IP like alcohol and travel.

Notable Collectibles

Gourmet world NFT with tvN's <Lined Up Restaurants>

An NFT for true gourmands, created by the coming together of the cool stores introduced on tvN's <Lined Up Restaurants> and <Lazy Gourmet Club>. You can experience gourmet benefits connected online and offline along with the cool stores featured in <Lined Up Restaurants> and the restaurants and gourmet platforms owned by Lazy Gourmet Club. You can receive delicious gourmet rewards via F&B benefits and surprise missions provided by CJ affiliates, such as CJ Cheil Jedang. In the future, you can also meet a new world connected with alcohol and travel-related IP.



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