NFT for real gourmets, created by the collaboration of [Lined up restaurants]broadcast on tvN and the famous F&B NFT club [Lazy gourmet club]. You can experience the gourmet benefits that connect online and offline with the hottest restaurants such as the top-notch stores introduced in the [Lined up restaurants]. Also, you can receive delicious gourmet rewards through F&B benefits and surprise missions provided by CJ affiliates. Furthermore, you can also see a brand-new worldview that connects alcoholic drinks and travel-related IPs together. * NOTICE - The project will be limited to domestic users(KR) for missions and rewards, and the values and missions of F&B offline stores will be served in the Seoul metropolitan area. Please keep in mind when you are purchase. - Card images of NFT in this project will turn out to be actual character cards immediately after the sale. (The card of the NFT project 'revealed' immediately, as soon as you bought) - The rarity information of the NFT is as follows (cherrypepperbagel:10%, cornnoodles:10%, frenchrack:10%, gnocchi:10%, mazesoba:10%, mongolianbeef: 10%, shabushabu:10%, steak:10%, twisteddoughnut:10%, yuzuramen:10%) - The provision of 10 week rewards related to the project has been completed, C2C sales will resume on April 25th at 15:00 (KST). Lucky draw event will be conducted for NFT holders after C2C transactions are suspended between 15:00 (KST) on May 9th and 15:00 (KST) on May 11th. - Lucky draw event which is the final benefit of the project will be offered to those who own NFTs during the 15:00 (KST) period on May 18th. If you proceed with C2C transactions before and after the lucky draw event, please refer to the schedule. Lucky draw event depends on the stage data of soul food, based on mission performance, contained in the NFT. Please check the spreadsheet containing data on the NFT before and after proceeding with the lucky draw event within the NOTICE tab and purchase it. The operation plans can change depending on CJ ENM corporation circumstances.


Last Price

60 USD


On sale
0.2 ETH
380.49 USD


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